The Virago Illustrated Book of Women Travelers



May 1, 2007, Virago UK; Revised edition

“A truly wonderful gift book for all armchair travellers … 300 years of wanderlust are captured by women who travelled the world. BOOKS Attractive and engrossing anthology of women’s travel writing INDEPENDENT A terrific anthology of women as warm in all corners of “abroad” SCOTSMAN The 47 authors have been responsible for some of the very best in travel writing, the results of some extraordinary journeys. Many have become classics.”

Three hundred years of wanderlust are captured as women travel the world for adventure and pleasure, with essays by Willa Cather, Joan Didion, Isak Dinesen, M.F.K. Fisher, Mary McCarthy, Edith Wharton, and many more. A lavish, large-format volume, richly enhanced with hundreds of illustrations and photos.