Angels & Aliens

Angels & Aliens


1999, Paperback, 272 pp., Picador USA

“A superbly crafted account. Few readers will wander once Morris gets them in her grip.”
—Chris Waddington, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Mary Morris tugs at your arm with gracefully sensuous description.”
—Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post Book World

In Angels & Aliens, Mary Morris once again sets out on the road, this time as a single parent, wandering with her baby daughter through Southern California. Posing as a believer, Morris infiltrates New Age groups, flies as an angel through the Crystal Cathedral, and becomes a member of the earth-based unit of the Ashtar command. Combining her gift as a story teller, which is apparent in her fiction, and the powerful sense of place she brings to her nonfiction, Morris gives us a traveler’s tale for the millennium when there’s no place to go but up.